Aug 2, 2009
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Hi All,
I am currently working as a hospitalist, internal medicine, planning to join army reserve. How frequent are the deplyoments and how frequent? Can I join fellowship/specialize while serving as a reserve? Does army has opportunities for fellowships and with what commitments?

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Feb 9, 2008
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I can't comment on what you can expect about deployment. However, the reserve does have a program called TMS that keeps you on active reserve while in training. I just affiliated with this program as a resident, and my recruiter tells me it applies to fellowship as well (but he didn't seem to be firing on all pistons). The broad strokes are that you only have to do admin drills twice a year, and you get paid monthly for 4 drills while in training. You are also ineligible for deployment while in this status. There' s more about this program on this board, and if you PM you e-mail address I'll send you a gouge sheet on it. Good news is that this program should ease your mind about deployment while in fellowship.