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Osteo Dullahan
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Nov 10, 2009
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I'm starting the SN2ed study guide and I'm not quite getting what he's referring to by the 1/3 passages part of the day. Is he talking about finding the problems in the Ek1001 questions or what?
Also I just finished the first chapter of the Berkely Review Physics book and feel like the majority of it went in one ear and out the other. It seems like the book barely explains anything and then gives you all of these equations without elaborating on any of them.
So my question, is whether or not it is normal to feel like the book is obscure or am I doing something wrong? I mean to begin with the book has been throwing me off since my professor used different variables or even completely different equations to solve the same problems. Furthermore the chapter just threw out a bunch of numbers and things to remember without you having to do any real math, is that the way the mcat is supposed to work? I mean memorizing a bunch of obscure formulas is bad enough, but memorizing details like the fact that at 30 degree's the Range to height ratio is 6.74? I mean really?


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May 26, 2012
TBR is notorious for including too much detail. I wouldn't worry about the range to height thing for example, nor would I lose any sleep over the multitude of formulas they put in their books, most of which are just there as trivia rather than actual information. Now that said, there ARE formulas you have to memorize so don't go thinking that all of them are unimportant.

As for what SN2ed meant, he means that you do 1/3rd of the TBR passage problems for that chapter. So after you read Physics Chapter I you would do 1/3 of the passages for that chapter. That said in physics they separate it into phases, so I just did phase I on my first run through to make things simple.