questions about transfering location after working for a chain


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Jan 5, 2008
I don't know if it's too early to rush into signing an offer. I will graduate next year. Now I got two tentative offers from two of the big 3 chains, but both require relocation to places 3-4 hours from where I live now with my husband and two kids.
Just some questions to ask before I make a decision:
1. I always see posts several jobs in my area, including those chains claiming that there is no job in my area, and even if there is, it's for their current interns. So is that true? Look at the, I feel it shouldn't be too hard to find a job locally after I have my license, but it's nice to know you have an offer before graduation.
2. Is it ok to ask for a transfer like in 1 year? Because one chain DM told me it's about in 2-3 years.
3. If I got job offer later locally and turned down my offer, is it VERY bad? I knew in my APPE sites, two of the three pharmacists quit Target, after their training, without working for Target even one day.
4. I really don't understand how the chains assign students to different districts. In the interview, I always told them I would like to stay where I am, though I may be open to relocation. Am I too flexible? because my friend who said she would never consider relocation got the offer at her area.
Jun 15, 2011
A lot of those posts on indeed are for actual positions, but the chains are expecting them to be filled internally by interns that will graduate and be licensed instead of hiring someone new altogether. And if you go into a job with the mentality that it will suck, then it will suck. Keep a positive mind. Yeah you can have bad days in retail, but that holds true in any job. And if those pharmacists couldn't handle Target, then they probably weren't made for retail in general.
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