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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by JoHsin, Jul 14, 2000.

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    I am an incoming student this fall and i was wondering about renting or buying a microscope. Someone is willing to give me theirs for $600 (twice owned), but the rental company is only $450/2years. What are people's opinion on what i should do, or their experiencec with renting/owning one?

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    Do you have your heart set on becoming a pathologist or a dermatologist? If so, you may need your own microscope. Do you have any reason to buy a scope? If you are under the impression that you'll need the scope in the third year and fourth year, then you should perish that thought right now, because you will not need it. It will sit in your basement catching dust.

    I rented my microscope and it worked out great. I say, just rent the scope if you don't have a great reason to buy it. That is what most people in my class did and it is very likely that is what people in your class will do too.

    By the way, NYCOM has something called "scholarship microscopes." They are given to certain students and they are of course free. The students return the scopes at the end of the second year. I do not know what the procedure is to get one because I did not get one myself, nor did I know that they existed until I heard that some people had them. So, if you're curious about getting one, contact Dr. Nagler's office (Office of Pre-Clinical Sciences) for more info.

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