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Jan 3, 2009
Hello Optometry Professionals,

First of all, Happy New year to all! I need some help and advice regarding 2009 Parts 1 & 2 exams. Can anybody give me some advice on what materials to get and where to get them to prepare for the Parts 1 & 2 exams? I only have the materials offered by UC Berkeley for now. If anybody knows of any books, or materials necessary to ro these 2 parts exam, please kindly share some info.

I graduated from a non U.S. school and does not really know a lot of Optometry students around so any information on what will be helpful for the exams will be appreciated.

Also, for those who took the exams in 2008, can anybody share how long did you study for the exams? (Ex:Is 6 mos enough?) How long is each exam?

Thanks in advance!
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