Questions you wish you had asked during the interview?


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Jan 9, 2004
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    I just had my first path residency interview this past week and found that the tables were turned and I was expected to ask the questions now instead of answering them! I was not expecting this! So for all of you path residents, what types of questions do you wish you had asked during your interview about your program? What do you know now that you would have liked to have known when ranking your programs?


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      Guess you haven't been reading the forums here, eh? ;) I had that happen to me at almost every interview. Some interviews consisted of me walking in the door, sitting down, the interviewer saying hi and introducing him/herself, and then asking me, "So, what questions do you have?" I had to fill 35 minutes on occasion, sometimes with people whose responses to questions are 3-5 words.

      There are lots of questions you can ask - we have had threads on this before, I can't remember the name of the thread though and the search function is down. Make sure you ask about education, teaching by attendings, etc.


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        Towards the end of the interview, you can start to be more creative (these listed are a little formulaic, I find - but sensible to begin with). Some of the more interesting conversations that I had in interviewers' rooms consisted of my asking about a quirky poster, or souvenir, or some objet d'art that they had in their office. :)
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