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I applied to a couple of schools last year, got a few interviews, but I was eventually turned down. I spent the next year retaking the MCAT, volunteering at a local free clinic (going on 10 months), tutoring students, and becoming first aid and cpr certified. I have also been shadowing a Neurologist for the past 6 months. I was wondering what you guys think my chances to get accepted this year are? Will my lack of schoolwork over the past year be held against me? The lack of formal schoolwork concerns me the most because I have been told different things by different people so I don't know what to believe.

I've had 2 interviews already, and I have one scheduled for this week.

Some background information on me:
B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a 3.23 G.P.A. (Had family problems, dad was diagnosed with lung cancer causing me to get C's in a few classes, actually considred withdrawing from school).

First MCAT score was a 25N, but I got a 29P on the second one.

Research work in Ethanol Production with one publication.

Thanks in advance for your help. :)


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When did you graduate? When did you complete your prereqs? Were you premed in college or take your prereqs after you received your degree? Did you get feedback from the adcoms on your last app cycle? Did they mention coursework? Have you re-interviewed at any of the schools where you previously applied? Is your MCAT Apr or Aug 04? When did you complete your apps? How many schools are you still waiting to hear from? Is the GPA you listed science or cum?

That does it for the questions portion of our game.

You definitely enhanced your application this cycle. You've covered all bases...research...volunteering...clinical experience. Your new MCAT score is definitely easier on the eyes. As for your coursework will be the only interest of adcoms at this point. If you did well in your science prereqs (A- or better), I wouldn't expect you to have a problem. Perhaps, they will look at your PS and BS MCAT scores. Did you improve either or both?

I don't think anyone out here in forumworld is an expert on matters of adcoms (yours truly included). I hope I've helped you ponder this matter a little more. I'm sure someone who is in/has had a similar situation will respond.

Good luck...If I had a med school, I'd let you in.


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Oct 18, 2004
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The volunteer experience, research, cpr, etc., are great. But the bottom line to getting interviews will be your MCAT scores, GPA, and the number of schools you apply to.

1. Your improved MCAT will help a lot. After taking some additional courses (see point #2), if you think you can do better, consider retaking the exam.

2. Your undergraduate GPA is something you need to improve. You need to establish a strong (near 4.0) post-bacc GPA and/or graduate GPA.

2a. Consider retaking all your premed courses that you didn't get an A in. Skip the labs, if you can.

2b. Consider a quick masters degree in biology.

3. Apply to a large number of schools. Your post mentions that you applied to a "couple" schools. This is not good. The average appicant applies to 11 schools. Those will academic problems should apply to many more, at least 18, probably at least 24.

Best of luck.


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I think ur chances are good! what state are u from? that has a big factor in it. but if i were on the adcom, i've give u an acceptance!
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