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Mar 2, 2018
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Hi all,

I know different renditions of this question have been posed before - so I apologize for the redundancy. I was hoping to get some insight on my specific situation.

I'm a rising junior, taking a gap year, and applying two cycles from now. My initial plan was to go ahead and take a couple of prereqs (physics and biochem namely) this fall, so that I can take the MCAT the summer going into senior year.

My school has said courses will be hybrid, I'm anticipating we'll likely get shut down halfway midway through, you all know the drill. Would you all consider it worthwhile to hold off and take major (non-STEM) courses this fall, and then do the prereqs senior year?

I 100% understand the following sentiments, and agree:
  • No one knows what will happen/what the timeline will look like
  • The world in general has more important stuff to worry about than the timing of my prereqs
  • Med schools will have to be flexible with stuff taken online
I ask specifically because I'm applying two cycles from now, so I'm not sure if at that point, schools will start being more picky/I'll be crowded out by people who did choose to take their prereqs later and in person, regardless of whether or not mine was due to COVID. The main reason I ask is because I'm also reliant on my prereqs to show an upward trend (3.4 GPA end of freshman year, 4.0 since, want to make it clear that I am capable of handling upper-level courses & freshman year is not representative)

Thank you!
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