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Apr 16, 2003
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so i'm starting to decide who to have write my LORs. the problem is that i know the professors in my major (kinesiology) the best and know they would write stellar LORs for me. would it be detrimental to my application if all my LORs were from the same department? like i wouldn't look as 'well-rounded'...but does that matter if the LORs are way better than if they were written by a prof who i had frosh year and who never really knew me anyway? hope that question makes sense. i've been reading threads and didn't find any answers. ;)


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Oct 1, 2002
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I recommend going with authors that know you best and can compare you to other premedical students. The authors, for instance, should be able to comment on whether you're in the top quartile, tenth, or one percentile of all the students they've worked with. Furthermore, the authors should provide specific examples of why you're a good candidate and student. These types of LORs are the most valued.


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Apr 9, 2003
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i agree with the above post for the most part; but i'm sure you can find somone out of your major who knows you just as well. Even if it was some elective that you took and it had ntohign to do with science it helps to get LORs from a variety of different people.
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