Sep 6, 2017
I've taken 3 Ochem courses and got a C- in Ochem II. The majority of the programs I'm applying to require that prerequisites are completed with at least a C. Do you think I will need to retake this at a community college to satisfy this requirement, or can a lenient exception be made based on other factors? I've taken the PCAT and scored 99th in both composite and the Chemistry section so I feel that a retake would be very redundant.


2+ Year Member
Nov 2, 2016
It all depends. Personally, I wouldn't just hope for a "lenient" admissions officer to see my application. In most cases, like you said, a C- doesn't count as satisfying a requirement. So if I were you I would retake it, and if you've scored so high like you said, the class should be a piece of cake. But, if you're not in a rush and don't mind applying again next year and just want to see what happens this year then don't re-take it and just apply.


2+ Year Member
Jun 28, 2016
Definitely retake it because as mentioned in your post, you did not fulfill the pre requisites. Even if you do get accepted you will be ask to complete that prior to enrolling, which would be stressful at that point on you to find open room in an ochem cc class. Also, as a personal opinion, scoring 99 on the pcat does not translate to the equivalence of mastering ochem. the pcat had only a handful of ochem related questions and even those were extremely basic.
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