Quitting scribing after 4 months?

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May 30, 2019
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Totally depends. Having something in your application that you strongly disliked and quit after 4 months is not a great look. If it's your only clinical experience, you just might need to stick it out for the year, unless you can replace it with another clinical experience. If you already have other clinical experiences, I'd just quit and not even include the 4 months in my application.
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Wait until you already have something lined up.

Gaps don’t look great to be honest
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How much other clinical experience do you have?

Is this just a job, or is this your main source of clinical experience?

FWIW, I'd be cautious mentioning "awful hours and not very kind supervisor" as a reason for quitting: would that also be something that would make you want to quit during clinical rotations / residency?