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Quizlet Cards From First Aid


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Jan 5, 2017
  1. Medical Student
I made a couple of Quizlet flashcards to help me memorize some tables from First Aid (2018 version). Here's the link for the folder if anybody is looking for some extra study material.

Here's a list of the First Aid tables and material that was turned into flashcard sets:

- Classic presentations (page 670-675)

- Classic labs and findings (page 675-679)

- Classic relevant treatments (page 679-682)

- Key associations (page 682-687)

- Inherited Diseases (entire effing book)

- Disorders linked to a specific chromosome (page 64)

- Lymphatic drainage sites (page 97)

- HLA subtypes associated with diseases (page 100)

- Autoantibodies (page 115)

- Tumor genes (page 222)

- Serum tumor markers (page 224)

- Immunohistochemical tumor stains (page 225)

- G-Protein linked second messenger (page 234)

- Toxin treatments (page 243)

- Set for the Public Health chapter

- Combined pharmacology with MOA, use and side effects

- Pharmacology cards broken out for each chapter

- Combined set for all diseases/high yield terms

- Disease/high yield terms sets broken out for each chapter

Good luck!
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