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Sep 17, 2014
Is there a huge difference in content between the various FA books? For example, would I be at a disadvantage using a 2018 FA book instead of a 2020 one? I am utterly clueless, forgive me :)


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Apr 25, 2019
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Hello Meowidith_Grey,

There is not a huge difference between the First Aid books. However, they do update the First Aid books each year and there usually is a noticeable difference. A lot of the times they add new pictures or clarify certain concepts. I always recommend having the most updated book. However, if your current book is within one edition (2019) of the newest edition (2020), then it may not be worth buying a brand new book. But, it is probably worth going for the new edition if you currently have the 2018.

Hope that helps!

- Annette G, MD, MPH - USMLE Tutor and Residency Advisor at Med School Tutors
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