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Apr 4, 2007
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Thanksgiving weekend I had come to get some items from my girlfriend's dorm, which I let her borrow previously. I discover her cheating on me. The guy approaches me and stands face to face with me. We get into a fight while my now ex-gf calls the RA who in turn calls the police. She tells the police that I am not her boyfriend, and that she forgot she invited me. The police decide not to make an arrest, because they believe me over the cheating couple. They decide to send the full case to academic judiciary. 4 counts were placed against me. Official Warning Letter, Disturbing the Peace, Tresspassing and Assault.

I spoke to the Advisor, who also took my side. She dropped the latter two counts, and said it would be easier if I just pleaded guilty to receive an Official Warning Letter, and a sanction for disturbing the peace. She said as long as there was no follow up offense, there would be no record of this on my transcript, and med schools would not know about this.

I am graduating now, and applying for fall 2009 with a 3.8/31.

Should I still disclose this on the AMCAS? Will this seriously affect my application? Should I petition to get it removed? How can I find out if med schools have access to this info? How serious is one incidence of fighting? Any advice on what I should do?