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qustion about Physics


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Dec 22, 2004
  1. Pre-Dental
    Hello all!

    Im registered for this class PHYS 133 Principles of Physics, for this spring term however I couldnt get into PHYS 131 Liberal Arts Physics because there was no spots left, my questin is...is the PHY 133 class transferable for dentistry schools? Im thinking to keep the PHY 133 and take PHY 132 next summer since no PHY 131 classes are provided by the school for the summer...I mean do they count phy 133 as phy 131? Im about to finish my bach degree in BIO this winter. but since I cant take PHY 131 Im taking phy 133 now and phy 132 in the summer..what do you guys think?
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    Michael De Coro, DMD - AKA Steve McAwesome
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    Nov 19, 2008
    Visalia, CA
    1. Dentist
      Ohhh, chalk that one up to different numbering systems, haha. My school had very similar numbering system for their physics classes and the Physics 130 was the really easy physics that the schools didn't want - and the later number one, with the title "Principles of Physics" was the one that some schools wanted. Haha, well, it's good that you found out - I'd suggest going to the first day of class and petitioning, tell the professor about your situation.
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