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Sep 20, 2007
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Hi everyone.

I am a medical student who is very interested in pursuing a career in Rads. This is a great forum and has been very helpful. I tried searching in the forum but could not come anything, what characteristics or personalities are ideal for Radiology? I know there are those self-assessement tests, but I would like to know first hand.

Also, what do you find most challanging? most satisfying?

Thanks in advance.
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Jan 15, 2006
I'm sure someone will answer you guys eventually, but I think you should just take a Radiology elective and figure out for yourself what characteristics you think best fit the field. You will find people with drastically different personalities in Radiology.


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Jun 26, 2004
Only a soon-to-be intern here, but I will get it started.

1. Visual learner.
2. Not much ego, as in general you work behind the scenes. And, saying Radiologist doesn't sound as impressive as Neurosurgeon to the layperson.
3. Laid back, this is usually consistent with someone with a smaller ego. Most Radiologists I have met are fairly relaxed people.
4. Immediate gratification on an intellectual level, not so much on a social level. You see pathology in a case or you don't, fairly straightforward. You do not get to be praised for finding the early and treatable cancer though.
5. Technology buffs. I can't claim this one, but a lot of people who like IT and information systems could enjoy Radiology as it is essentially computer driven, many software programs and data manipulation/delivery/storage issues.

I am sure someone else can help some more.
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