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Aug 4, 2016
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Hi all,

Im applying into diagnostic radiology and was wondering if I could receive feedback regarding my signal list. Here are some stats about myself:

MS4 in a USMD (T40ish?) in the East Coast.

Step 1: Pass
Step 2: 255-260
Clerkships: 3/6 honors. Rest is HP.
Achievements: Did not receive AOA or GHHS. Unranked.
Research: >20 pubmed indexed manuscripts (half of which are first author) in a fields unrelated to radiology (discovered radiology late). Currently working on radiology research.
Leadership: lots of mentorship and volunteer during med school
Sub-I: did two sub-Is. Both programs told me not to signal them. Also did rads elective.
LORs: Decent
X factor: Cultural competence; talked about a lot in my PS. Low SES (talked about in impactful experience section), not sure if that even matters.

My goal is to go to an Ivy League in the east coat. Here is my current plan to use my 12 signals (6 gold, 6 silver).

Top 10: 1 signal
Top 20: 3 signals
Top 40: 2 signals
Top 100: 5 signals
Low ranked: 1 signal

All these signals are in the areas I indicated a geographical preference in.


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do top 10's care about signals? thought they knew everyone wanted them.
do top 10's care about signals? thought they knew everyone wanted them.
I heard that top 10s wont interview you unless you send a signal (+ have the stats/research/good LORs/etc) since they already receive so many apps