Rads for math/physics junky? What else did you consider?


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Mar 24, 2005
I did my undergrad in B.M.E., and I really enjoyed my classes in medical devices, programming, EE, ME, etc. Anyone else from a similar background that was drawn to rads? What else were you thinking? I'm exploring going into academic rads or MBA and work on device development. I'm only a MS1, but dealing with patients is already getting old. However, my experiences are limited to a family medicine preceptorship and those crappy fake patient actors who came to hollywood and couldn't hack it :barf: X1000.

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Feb 23, 2007
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Hey Hey Steve-O:

I'm with you. I received a physics degree, CS minor in undergrad and went on to med-school. I'm currently a third year planning on entering radiology. After one rotation in primary care where the most high tech piece of equipment in the office is a stick you pee on... (blue=protein, yellow=glucose, black=error, please pee on more sticks) I've decided radiology is the place to be. I also considered cards and neurosurgery, but for lifestyle reasons am choosing radiology.

It's good that you're starting early, because radiology is getting more competitive every year cause it's bada$$. Get some research/experience early and it will make your life easier come match time.

Oh and also, if you are worried about not having enough patient contact in radiology... 3-4 more standarized patients will swing you the other way.

Best of luck
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