Rainy weather and medical school admission interviews

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Wow. It says the disadvantage is equivalent to a 10% lower MCAT score. I'm wondering whether they measured 10% from the mean or from some other arbitrary spot...

E.g. The difference between a 38 and a 34/35 isn't as big of a deal as a 30 to a 27, etc.
Many additional factors may also affect mood (e.g., ambiance, deportment, humour and scent). 2 Calling attention to these issues may diminish their impact on judgment.

"Well let's face it, I smell like **** and it's raining outside but let's get on with this, shall we?"

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Thank goodness it'll be sunny at my interview tomorrow! :laugh:
idk guys, there's something about the wet dog scent emitted by a damp wool suit that makes you irresistible to any interviewer. Sheep pheromones or something. Clearly this study is :bullcrap: