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Dec 26, 2009
I'm an emergency scribe, so I basically 'shadow' a bunch of doctors all the time.
Do I need to bother shadowing other doctors?
In terms of clinical volunteering, are adcomms looking for volunteering or the clinical aspect of it? Or specifically clinical volunteering?
I see no point in volunteering at my hospital because I already get such good clinical exposure as a scribe. I've also been volunteering at the same place (non-clinical) since high-school, so I've racked a ton of hours.


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May 22, 2008
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The key is whether or not I (or whoever), as a reader of your application, believe you have "walked the walk" so to speak when it comes to your thoughts on medicine. The way in which you acquire that experience is more or less unimportant. If you list 1000 hours of clinical experience but I get the sense that you understand nothing about medicine, those hours are worth nothing.