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Aug 26, 2002
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Hi Guys & Gals

Could somebody suggest to me the best source, for finding about the induvidual programs. Their own website/ even Freida site facts are not apparently what the reality is.

Then where do we see the reallity ?

What do you feel about SCUTWORK input ? Can I rely on them ?

Thanks in advance


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May 2, 2001
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Talk to some of the residents @ your program about where they went to school & where they liked when they interviewed (that 2nd bit of info is useful a bit but can be very unreliable I think). There are a # of current residents around here @ various programs who'd be happy to give you the skinny. I'm @ Louisville , Kimberli Cox is @ Penn St.-Hershey, there a few people from Michigan running around who keep low profiles, and there are a # of people (mostly girls I think) who have never said where they are, with whom you could privately correspond with. think there are also a few ENT's and Orthopedists who could give a somewhat informed view of a program where they're doing their intern year.


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Dec 30, 1998
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I did all the usual research: website, interviews, emails, etc. My favorite way to really find out what a program is like is by directly observing. Just remember that during an interview, you will not be the only one on your best behavior -- the program will be too. They will only assign the most satisfied residents to lead the tour, answer your questions, etc. That is why it is important to have as many candid conversations with many residents. Personally, it was important to me while interviewing that I was able to talk to many residents at different levels of training without "adult supervision." By the way, do not fall for the "nothing you say to me will reach the admissions committee..." line; if you say something out of line, residents will let someone higher up know; if you wow them, they will pass that along too.

I am not so sure about Scutwork becayse there are not enough data points to go by. Most if the programs reviewed have less than 3-5 comments.

You should also try contacting old alumnus of the program if you are able to get that information.

Good luck.
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