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Sep 6, 2007
Does anyone have a good strategy for the RC section? I always seem to run out of time. I know some people do not even read the passages and just go straight to the questions and try and find the answers in the passage but I do not score too well on practice tests with that strategy... any ideas? :) Thanks


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Jan 6, 2007
i don't usually post on this site, but i follow it regularly. i took the oat this past month. i scored a 370 on RC, which i was pretty happy with.
my strategy was to skim the passage- focusing on the first sentence of each paragraph so i got a basic idea of where things were and what the passage was about. Next, I went straight to the questions. Because I had a general idea of the passage and where things were, I could usually answer the questions or go back for reference pretty easily.
Some questions were worded in a way that made them hard to understand, so for those few I guessed and moved on (marking the questions so i could come back to them).
I actually ended up having extra time- even AFTER i checked the questions i had marked. finally, i just had a few minutes left and i went ahead and ended the section myself...

i hope this helps! i wouldn't worry too much, the test seemed easier to me than i had thought it would be. Good Luck! :)
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