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I have offers to both RCSI and UCC. I’m Canadian and the goal is to match back to Canada. Which one do I choose? I’m really not sure which would be best.

UCC - lets you do 2 core rotations in Canada (if you can figure out how to arrange them), is less expensive (80k CAD total less expensive compared to RCSI), and has good research presence. Smaller city, fewer North American partnerships, less prestige (I think?)

RCSI - can’t do core rotations in Canada, only electives, but has about 80 or so elective spots across North America for its students each year. Much more expensive than UCC, but more well known (I think), diverse class, good student support, and big city.

Please help!!

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Congratulations on your offers--
I would suggest researching into the Canadian match rates for the respective schools.

I know RCSI has solid stats for getting back to the US; Canada can just be a little bit more difficult although I believe their match rate there is good too. I cannot say for UCC.

Core rotations back home would be nice though, best of luck in your decision.
Thank you for the response and advice! I did a lot of research and talked to grads from both schools, and I think I’m going to go with RCSI! Thanks again
Best of luck! I've enjoyed RCSI overall, feel free to hmu if you have any questions about it.