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Feb 8, 2007
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I’m trying to get some advice for reapplying. I have a 3.26 Science and 3.93 non science GPA, a 31 MCAT (10PS, 10VR, 11B). I was active in community service during college (habitat for humanity, pre-med society volunteering in the community). I did undergraduate research for two years. My main problem with my application the first time was not having enough clinical experience. Since then I have volunteered at UMMS shock trauma operating room (for 6 months, had to move for work) and now am currently volunteering in the emergency department at WFUBMC. I took a job after graduation doing regenerative medicine research in hopes that this would strengthen my application (trying to get published right now). I was just curious what parts of all this you might recommend to highlight in my personal statement/ other things people thought I could do to strengthen my application. Thanks


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Nov 9, 2006
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Although I'm probably the last person "worthy" of giving advice....

While some medical schools specifiy that they want this.... generally, I don't think the personal statement should be an attempt to rehash what's in the rest of the application.

For example.
1st year... my statement, to put it lightly, sucked. I tried to follow another's "formula," by opening with a catchy scenario and led into a rehashing of what i'd done.

It wasn't a bad statement, so to speak, but it had NOTHING about me. It gave them NO idea of my personality, my true inspirations and motivations, and basically made me look like I was a robot who printed out a progress report.

So my advice is.

Who are you?
Who are your parents? How did they help you decide on medicine?
What else in your life impacted you?

What have you done to improve your application?
What do you really enjoy?.... and don't be a kiss-ass, they see through that.

I think that a lot of medical applicants are truly afraid of "being yourself," because they've dedicated so much to preparation and studying that they've managed to destroy a great deal of their human nature in the process. I'm not saying YOU did the same, but I truly hope that you can come up with the real YOU in your statement.

It's a hard thing to do, but seriously, say what you want. Dont' give some canned answer.... but at the same time, leave out the illegal, illicit, or otherwise damaging stuff, if any... but have the confidence to know that THIS is truly what they're looking for... they want to know that you're still a decent human being after all the studying and work.

I hope this helps.