Re-applicant seeking advice

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Nov 12, 2015
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I'd first like to thank anyone who reads this and provides any feedback. I blindly wandered through the 2015-2016 application cycle. I received an interview at Southern Illinois School of Medicine and was put on their Accept When Place available list. Given where we are in the year it is likely that I'll have to reapply.

My Background information.
Degrees- BS Chemistry (2013) and MS Chemistry (2015) both from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

cGPA- 3.20, Grad GPA 4.00
Integrals were the bane of my undergraduate existence.

MCAT- 507 - 76th percentile, Breakdown- CP-126, CARS-127, BB-128, PS-126

Illinois Resident (Southern)

Clinical experience/shadowing- Have some as well as continue to line up more though this area is somewhat lacking.

Research experience- About 3 years combined undergraduate/graduate. One publication related to my undergraduate research (though not the primary author). While not peer reviewed, I have my thesis from my Masters. The project was not fully completed upon graduation.

Extra curricular/gap year/other-
Undergraduate- Mostly work. When I wasn't in school or the research lab I worked at a fast food restaurant to pay for school. I did however do some volunteer work associated with my old Boy Scout Troop.
Graduate- Teaching assistant- being responsible for an undergraduate lab section. I also spent a lot of time completing a variety of other projects for the department mainly in chemical safety compliance and inventory tracking.
Gap Year- I spent my gap year mostly working at the following jobs. Chemistry adjunct faculty at a local junior college (CHEM 101 general chemistry and lab). Chemistry adjunct lecturer at SIUe (CHEM 435 Instrumental analysis lab). Lastly, chemistry laboratory manager also at SIUe.

Relevant honors/awards- Presidential Volunteer Service award gold level (2006 so its been awhile ago is there a limitation that is advised on these sorts of things?) Undergraduate research award(2013), Graduate Teaching Award (2015). Also through scouts I have my Eagle Scout (2004 again old, but the project I directed to earn it is still a meaningful experience to me).

School List- This is where I really would like any advice. I just blindly picked schools last time. I plan on applying to all Illinois schools.

Again I would like to thank anyone who reads this for their time and feedback as well as any additional recommended sources to look at.

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You have DO stats. Grad GPA doesn't count. An SIU interview and waitlist says the only real problem here is academics.

You basically have 2 choices:
1. Apply DO.
2. Or spend the next 1-2 years building an MD app by doing more academics & getting a competitive MCAT score. Probably too late to get into Loyola MAMS, unfortunately, but the postbac forum down under interdisciplinary can get you up to speed on SMPs.

Yes I know it's humiliating to be judged on undergrad & MCAT but them's the breaks. 60% of MD apps are rejected.

Best of luck to you.
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