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  • Nov 4, 2011
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      Hi all, I previously submitted an AMCAS application in the 2020-2021 cycle to one "throwaway" school. I ended up not going through with the application cycle because I realized I wanted to postpone my MCAT and would be later application in the cycle than I would have preferred. I had the understanding that in the next cycle, I would not be a considered a "re-applicant" if I apply to new schools only. However, my advisor is telling me otherwise -- that medical schools can see when an applicant has been through a previous cycle and submitted AMCAS at all or not. It seems that some schools ask in their secondary prompts (if you have ever applied to any medical school), but most schools do not ask and AMCAS also does not transmit that information to them.

      Does anyone have clarification on this? I am afraid that my advisor/committee will label me as "re-applicant" even though I have clarified with AMCAS that they do not indicate to schools whether you have applied in the previous cycle or not, hence the throwaway method. I would like to avoid this, as it is my understanding that AMCAS would not label me as a re-applicant, and schools would only view me as such if my advisor gave me that label. Looking for advice on how I can best navigate this.
      The only school where you will be identified (by AMCAS) as a re-applicant is one to which you applied.
      Some schools do ask about previous applications in secondaries, though.
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