Aug 5, 2009
Hello, I'm need of an advice as to whether I have a chance at being accepted by medical schools. The following is my general information.

I have applied once in my junior year in college with no avail, and my MCAT at the time was 23O (VR:8, PS:8, BS:7). The low MCAT was primarily due to my premature preparations and nonchalant attitude towards it.

Currently, after the graduation from college of W&M, I have final GPA of 3.92 and in the process of applicaiton with a new mcat score of 30Q (VR:10, PS:11,BS:9). I'm worrid about whether the MCAT score is too low, especially the 9 in BS.

As for Extra curriculums I have been actively participating in various volunteer activities and gained wide medical experiences (working exp. as a volunteer nurse, an internship at a private practice, and an internship at a dental office). I have research experience for biology and psychology but have not published anything.

Please let me know if my current status is acceptable, and whether I should consider taking MCAT again. I am hesitant to take MCAT again because I have heard that admission board do not like applicants taking MCAT numerous times (i.e. more than twice, in general).


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Oct 19, 2007
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The adcoms don't mind if you retake the MCAT, as long as you actually improve - this way they know what your maximum potential is. In your case though, I don't think you really need to. Your GPA is pretty solid, and W&M is relatively well known. The 9 in the BS does suck though. I think ultimately it will come down to your ECs, whether or not they can compensate for the MCAT, but your MCAT isn't bad.

If you sincerely believe you can do better on the MCAT, I'd retake - but this is going to have to be a calculated risk. If you actually do worse, that will definitely hurt you. So don't retake unless you are absolutely sure you can do better.