Re: "I got into X school, should I go to Y interview"

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Jan 24, 2005
In my short time on this board I've seen many unusual things - an GPA of 3.7 being called average, MCAT scores of 31 being "satisfactory," and students so worried about applying to medical school they look for the slightest glimmer of hope from fellow applicants to reassure them it will be okay.

But now you've crossed the line.

You parade around your acceptance to a medical school like you walk on water and turn right around to ask "should I even bother showing up to this other school?" Why? Is this a public poll? Are you fishing for complements (wow, you must be pretty smart)? If everyone on the board said "no" would you still go? Why do you feel the need to belittle the ~50% of medical school applicants who don't get in to a single school? It smacks of pretentiousness and arrogance, is that really the question you want me to answer? Fine.

"I got already gotten into X school, should I go to my Y school interview?"

No, you shouldn't. Don't waste the interviewers time 'showing up' to a school you probably don't want to come to anyways. Don't waste the gas, don't waste mommy and daddy's money, and don't take an interview spot for someone who actually, sincerely, wants to attend the school.

Stay at home and make wine from water.

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