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    hi, has anyone heard anything, hopefully positive, about St. James medical university in Bonair? It is a 4 yr program which enables students to complete 16 months basic sciences in Bonair, an island close to Puerto Rico, and the remainder of the clinical rotations in the United States. The other school that I am also curious about is a school set up in Guyana by AISM- American Inter'l Medical School-
    If anyone has heard of these schools, can you please respond to my query? Both schools have been established very recently, only 2 yrs ago, however, based on the number of students that are obtaining residency positions and even clinicals in the States, what other factors should be considered in terms of attending schools that have been set up so recently? having spoken to directors of these programs, the professors teaching at these 2 schools are former instructors from American University of the Caribbean, St. George of Grenada and Ross University. How can I really confirm this information?
    I also have a question regarding the Federal Stafford Loan. These two schools do not qualify for these loans but are granted private Teri Loans. Is there a possibility for a post-graduate student to apply for a Stafford loan regardless of whether the school participates in a loan program? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

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