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Ready for Finals?


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Feb 1, 2009
Little Rock, AR
  1. Rehab Sci Student
    I stayed up until roughly 4am to finish up a research paper for Med Aud, which gets me closer to lightening the load completely in order to focus on Finals only. The course was taught by an adjunct professor med school style, and was nothing short of brutal. I don't anticipate the final to be any different. My list for what remains:

    Electrophys II:

    1. 30 Minute Presentation
    2. Final

    Amp II:
    1. one remaining lab
    2. Amplification Fitting Protocol
    3. Final

    Med Aud:
    1. Final
    2. Article Abstract

    Clinical Lab/Practicum:
    1. Done for the semester

    * One more Neurotology conference and Grand Rounds respectively..

    How are you guys doing?


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    Nov 13, 2010
    1. Rehab Sci Student
      Well, I finished the majority of my course work last year....so I am taking some classes that were supposed to be taken in my undergrad---they are quite boring lol.

      Stats--just had my 3rd test yesterday, went fine--final will be cumulative so I just need to do a bit of prep for that and then I will be done

      Adult Comm. Disorders--its a really easy undergrad class and more than that the last lectures are on hearing and hearing loss so again not bad

      Grand Rounds--I have a CI candidacy presentation on Tuesday and then I am done for the semester

      Clinic--no final this semester but next semester there will be

      Thesis--stiilllllll working on my data collection


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      May 18, 2010
      Treasure Valley, Idaho
      1. Rehab Sci Student
        How are you guys doing?

        I probably shouldn't be as stressed as I am. I don't have any cumulative final exams (well, one but it's optional), just 'final tests' in two classes. I do have 6 independent study credits which are hounding me, though. I can finish them any time before I graduate but it'd be really helpful to have them on my transcript for application.

        Applications are really the main thing stressing me out at the moment. I've actually had to schedule an audiogram with one of the people who agreed to write me a recommendation letter because I can't get a hold of him any other way. How messed up is that?!
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        Nov 6, 2008
        1. Rehab Sci Student
          I'm so ready for finals. These SLP classes that i'm taking are very interesting, but I'm just not into those classes.

          I'm taking...

          Phonological Disorders in Children:
          Cumulative Final

          Physics of Speech and Hearing
          Cumulative Final

          Aural Rehabilitation
          No final exam.

          Done for the semester. No Final.

          This wasn't a bad semester. I do have a feeling that starting January until next December, it'll be hectic. I've got a lot of clinical method classes and research left to take on top of the GRE and grad school touring/applications.


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          Feb 16, 2009
          1. Rehab Sci Student
            This semester was tons of work up to mid-terms, then I kind of checked out for awhile. The courseload (12 credits) was light in comparison to other semesters.

            I am a bit of a procrastinator but this is what I've got in the next 3 weeks:


            10 minute presentation
            5 page reflection on counseling experiences
            Analysis of an interview I've conducted

            Amp 2

            Blog entry
            Journal presentation
            Case Study (Needs Assessment & Fitting)

            Pediatric Audiology

            10 page paper (4 pages done)


            20 minute case presentation
            2 more reports on cases

            Clinic: Aural Rehab

            Semester Progress Report (these things can be more than 5 pages long)
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