hey guys/girls. Well, i just got my pcat scores back and i got a composite of 50%. This was my first time taking the exam. I only had calc 1 & 2, bio1, and gen chem 1 & 2 completed when i took this exam ( im only a sophmore now). Having now completed Ochem, statisitcs,and bio2 (got a's in all of them), does any one think its realistic for my scores to jump at least 30 points(with studying about 3-4 hours a day from dec 10th till the jan pcat). I studied a little bit for the first pcat and was very nervous and didn't get a lot of sleep the night before. I also had absolutley no time managment on the test which killed me! I know these post are kind of dumb and don't really mean anything, but i'm feeling really crappy right now. I have a 4.0 still in all my classes which will help with applying but i feel like the pcat is just as important. Are my expectations realistic or should i be prepared to take this exam again not only in Jan. but also june 2009? thanks for your help and advice.


When are you applying for pharmacy school. If it's for Fall 2010, I wouldn't take the January one. I'd would wait to take it in June 2009 to get more time to study. Don't rush these two months if you don't have to.
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