Really need some advice on majoring and community college


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Jul 17, 2013
I am just going to try and keep it simple and ask about what major you think I should take.

Bio: 22y/o,M,Nepalese, US citizen, came to US in Jr yr HighSchool in CA, did well in H.S but everything didn't go well and some of that had to do with family issues.

And now I am here in Texas, after ~4 yrs of H.S. graduation and still in Community College knowing that I can not imagine doing anything else in my life but become a physician.

Problem is, I had about a 2.9 Gpa in CA's Comm College and a lot of useless classes and only a handful transferred to TX's comm College. Now, I am 2 semesters in and with a 3.9 GPA. Already taken Org Chem I but still missing II, Physics, Biol, & Calculuses.(almost all the generals completed).

Anyways as I mentioned already, I can't imagine myself doind anything else but become a physician no matter how slim the chances due to my GPA and independent life, but I think that it can all be overridden with some help, and my will. But I am having trouble deciding what major to dive in as I go forward. I could do something as simple as social sciences or language for example, but my GPA is not that strong and also due to my financial side & the fact that I took too long in undergrad with no concrete reasons as of why, I justly fear that I may not be able to get into Med School right after the University, so I may need to work a year or two in a field that I graduate in to pay off my loans and develop my skills to help me become a better and well educated doctor before I get in.

If I were to describe a dream major, it'd be something that will teach me things that would help me become a better doctor in the future and that, some of it by putting me in a position where when I graduate I can find a job if I need to (while doing graduate school) that helps me keep in check with the medical world as well as earn me a good enough salary to help pay off loans and live off of it for a bit.

Anyways, I was registering for my Fall classes and realized I don't really have a true major yet so I need to get on it and what better way to help me decide on it than ask a lot of like-minded brilliant people who are doing/have done what I wan to do.
Thanks for the help.

PS. I know this question has a lot of different answers but should I transfer to University asap now or should I first finish my Org Chem IIs, Calculus I and IIs, Physics, Biol, Biochem etc in Comm College before doing so(due to admission to med school reasons or be it due to financial reasons).
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Jul 21, 2015
In my opinion, any hard science undergrad degree doesn't really have much worth if you're looking for a job right out of college. I'm not sure how big your loans are, but chances are you won't be able to pay them off effectively with a starter job out of college if you decide to go with a common pre-med major. Getting a job in your position should be more about getting experience to build your application/resume.
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Apr 6, 2014
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If it is cost prohibitive to attend the 4-year uni then keep going to CC. If it will be affordable to do uni, that does look better for med schools (and some don't accept CC credits).

DO is very possible thanks to grade replacement. Stuff like podiatry is also extremely accessible to the healthcare-inclined (more so than DO) and pays a ton (median 160k income)


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Jul 1, 2015
I wouldn't take any Science classes at a Community College, because it's just not on the same level as a University and may not be accepted by Medical Schools.

Any major is fine as long as your cGPA/sGPA is good, but it seems like you want to major in something that could land you a job so you can save up for Medical School, etc. and while that's reasonable there's not always a guarantee; a typical Life Sciences major probably won't be as lucrative as an Engineering Degree right out of college. But there are plenty of jobs that don't require a degree, though, that could help you out when applying to Medical School comes around: Hospital Technician, Scribe, Nurse Aide, etc.; you can declare any major you want and just get certified in whichever job.

The average matriculant is getting older and older so don't feel rushed. Take as much time as you need to get where you need to be come application time! :)
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