Medical Really need some science GPA advice- what class do I retake?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hi guys. Thanks for reading this in advance. I'm struggling on my own right now.

University of Michigan: science GPA is a 2.9. Horrendous, I know. cGPA is a 3.61.
I will be doing an SMP to save my chances. Not applying this cycle; waiting until after SMP is done.

My 3 worst grades: rest on transcript are mostly As, lot of science grade Bs, and two B-s
C in chemistry I. --> ??? *
in Chemistry II --> I retook Chem II at another university and got an A.
C- in physics II. --> retaking this summer for certain, already signed up.
the SMP doesn't start until late august, so i have time this summer to retake 1-2 classes if needed for my undergrad gpa

However, if i get an A, physics only brings it up to a 2.97 science GPA. Is the cutoff 3.0?
*Should I retake CHEM I this summer also? Or take something new like an upper level biology course to get my sGPA to a 3.0? Or do I just do the SMP?

I know graduate GPAs are separate from undergrad. Is the cutoff for most medical schools 3.0 for science GPA undergrad?

I don't know what is advised for retaking multiple classes or raising my undergraduate GPA. I heard there are "computer system GPA cutoffs" so I want to fix that to be above 3.0 if needed. These 3 grades hurt my ego so much and I will do anything I can to improve. Please feel free to provide advice, but just know I know I am not in a strong position right now and am working hard to reinvent my application and make sure I do well on the MCAT after my SMP.
You'll need to check with the individual schools if they employ undergrad GPA cutoffs. Given that you'll be doing an SMP, focus on getting a high 3.7+ GPA, and that should make you more desirable even with the low undergrad GPA.


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Mar 12, 2013
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Are your calculations for GPA based on grade replacement? If they are, just know that schools don't do grade replacement any longer. Do you think you can handle two tough science courses over the summer? You gotta be honest with yourself because if you don't get an A in each of these courses, you aren't helping your situation. I would rather see you focus on one course and get an A than get an A- and a B or worse. I do think you should retake courses you got Cs in though. It shows that you pulled yourself together and studied and succeeded in a course that you didn't before.
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