Jul 30, 2016
Hi everyone,

I have an AACOMAS application complete and ready to go... the only problem is that it has a crap MCAT score on it (496). I am however re-writing this week and won't get my score back till Sept 20th. I've been scoring a consistent 508-510 based off the AAMC Full Length tests, so hopefully it goes well.

would it be better to withhold submitting my application till I get the new score, or should I just go ahead and submit everything now, and just update my score through AACOMAS when I get the new one? Also, is it considered "late" in the application cycle? would it be late by the time I get my score in Sept?

Thanks in advance! and sorry if these questions have already been asked in a previous thread.


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Nov 21, 2005
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You are already late in the application process. I would not wait any longer because it can take a few months to get verified and confirmed. Just update your MCAT score when that is available.


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Sep 14, 2014
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I am withholding. I was told by DO schools to wait until I receive my score back and that's what I'm doing. Plus I'm broke:whistle:. I would say wait until you take the exam, compare how it was to last time, then submit if confident 15 days after taking it. Takes about 1.5 months at most to verify but thats ok b/c Osteo cycle starts later and finishes later as well. Just my 2cents. If your planning to apply 100% then submit asap.