Reapplicant-School List Help

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Dec 19, 2014
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Reapplicant here! Need help with list of schools, 0 interviews last year.

New Jersey resident

MCAT: 504
Undergraduate cGPA: 2.92
Undergraduate sGPA: 2.50
Graduate cGPA: 3.53
Graduate sGPA: 3.53

Research experience (Graduate): 18 months and ongoing research in Decision Health Science in Clinical Nursing with 1 manuscript under review and 1 poster presentation

Research experience (Undergraduate): approximately 3 years of research in Psychology with 1 campus poster presentation

Community Service:
Tutor for low-SES high school students at 2 different locations for a couple years each
Health coach to help patients with tobacco cessation

Student Government board member (3 years)
Pre-med group board member (3 years)

Any input/advice/comments are much appreciated!

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Do you have any clinical experience?

My decision health science research is in the intensive care units setting, so I've spent every day in an ICU for the last year and a half and have gotten a decent amount of shadowing and clinical observation, when I'm not doing my research.