1. D

    SMP Georgetown vs BU

    Hi all, First time poster long term lurker here! Hope anyone who sees this is doing well and safely hiding out in quarantine. I applied last cycle unsuccessfully (cGPA3.56, sGPA3.3, MCAT 511 with decent volunteering, ECs, and full time work in clinical research) to allopathic schools with 0...
  2. K

    No shadowing but lots of clinical?

    I applied last cycle to no avail which I kind of expected because I only had hospital volunteer experience and worked part time as a physical therapy aide. This past year I have been working as a medical assistant at a clinic with NPs and PAs and will have about 1500 hours by the time I apply...
  3. S

    Reapplicant advice needed, any help appreciated

    Hi all, I am a second time applicant, and with this cycle essentially at a close, I am working on what my next steps should be. Here is a quick background on me: Being undecided for the first two years of college led me to take a variety of courses in different fields, some which I had no...
  4. X

    Re-applying to a school that interviewed me last cycle

    Hi everyone! So I applied to MD PhD programs last cycle. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get into any, and now I have chosen to re-apply for MD-only programs and pursue research on my own accord (without a PhD). My dream school last cycle did in fact interview me for their MSTP, but I was not...
  5. I

    An Admission Story (As a reapplicant)

    *** Disclaimer: I write this essay in order to provide others with hope or at least to provide a temporary distraction. I benefited greatly from this site and the stories of others so I thought I would pay it forward. While I discuss many of my successes, I do this to show how it contrasts with...
  6. B

    Reapply immediately or after a year?

    Hey guys, California applicant here. I applied to over 40 schools this past cycle (2019-20) and have not gotten any acceptances. Only have one waitlist spot but at middle tier. I’m starting to consider the reapplication cycle, but I’m unsure of when to reapply. I will be graduating from an Ivy...
  7. W

    HELP! Applying after a gap year

    Hello, I applied to a bunch of schools last summer, but I withdrew my application to all the schools after getting my MCAT score. I had applied toward the end of the cycle anyway and wanted to retake the MCAT. I did not submit any secondaries prior to withdrawing. I emailed all the schools about...
  8. F

    Dental School Applicant

    Hi guys, my overall GPA is 3.67, my science GPA is 3.36 and my second DAT score is 18 AA with a 20 under the Biology section 19 TS... (first DAT score was a 17AA). I graduated from UCLA with my bachelor's degree. In addition, I have plenty of experiences including, 800 shadowing hours at a...
  9. P

    DPT Re-Applicant Questions

    So I am reapplying to programs since this cycle I unfortunately did not get an acceptance. I was wondering if anyone who has reapplied would tell me what all is saved on PTCAS? Am I going to have to resubmit all my transcripts, have my shadowing/observation hours re-verified, my GRE score...
  10. G

    Rejected 2020 cycle, needing some advice

    Hi! I got rejected this application cycle, and it was my first time applying to PT school. I am hoping some of you could help me with a few questions. 1. In November, I got rejected from a school, both early and regular decision. Is it too late now to reach out to the school and ask why they...
  11. G

    Thoughts/advice on applying to MD/PhD Programs

    Hello SDN, I'm currently planning on applying to MD/PhD programs in the coming summer/fall. I'll briefly post my stats and relevant experiences below, and some concerns I have. Any thoughts and advice will be greatly appreciated! -cGPA: 3.6 (sharp incline after sophomore year, ended with three...
  12. Biggytooth

    Reapplication Success Story

    Hi everyone, I am writing this to share my experience about applying and reapplying to dental school. I am doing this because I was a rather peculiar applicant and feel my experience may be helpful and informative to some of you sharing similar circumstances. Last year (2018), I applied to 9...
  13. M

    TMDSAS Reapplicant with no II. Considering options moving forward.

    I graduated one year ago and I am a reapplicant this year. I was hoping to have some success this cycle but it’s been quite the opposite. No II’s yet and we are a couple of days into November. Primary was submitted the first week of June and was transmitted by the last week of June. Secondaries...
  14. W

    Need Advice -- Low GPA

    Hey everyone, Reapplicant here. Applied to about 26 schools this cycle in AACOMAS (second cycle). I've been getting rejections even quicker than last cycle. Need some guidance on how to prepare if I do have to reapply? My application from last cycle differs by 4 more post-bacc credits (got an...
  15. Wayfinder

    Planning in case of Reapp: improvement?

    Hey, guys, I need help with my reapplication game plan if this cycle doesn't pan out. I didn’t submit my secondaries until Labor Day weekend. Next time, I need to get my primary and secondaries out earlier (June and July respectively), and the quality of my secondary essays could have been...
  16. A

    513/3.9 Reapplicant school list

    After getting two late IIs last cycle in the Spring that resulted in WLs, I am trying to finalize my school list for this cycle. I did not receive any constructive feedback from any of the schools I applied to, so I am applying much broader and earlier (by 1 to 2 months) this time around. I have...
  17. S

    Reapplying Gen Surg after Prelim year- take Step 3?

    Hi, I am a US grad who applied gen surg last year and soaped into a prelim GS position. My application was average without red flags other than low board scores. My step 1 was super low (but pass on 1st attempt) and my step 2 was 20pts higher (1st attempt). I'm 2 months in to my prelim year...
  18. M


  19. A

    Reapplicant School List

  20. A

    If I withdraw my current MD application...

    EDIT: The answer to the mhy original question was answered when I looked on the AMCAS application. Once your application has been processed, YOU CANNOT withdraw the application. If I withdraw my current application (for 2020 matriculation), would that mean when I apply again it would be...
  21. F

    Re-Applicant Question

    Hi guys! I am reapplying and I am dreading the "what have you done this past year to improve your application." A little insight, prior to my last year application I have already completed over 2000 hours of shadowing/assisting, volunteering, community service, and leadership. This past year I...
  22. terebellumjokes

    Should I mention winemaking in my application?

    Hey guys! Wondering if I could get some opinions on what is “ok” for a secondary essay. I’m reapplying this cycle (waitlisted last cycle) and don’t want to elaborate on things I might’ve already written about. I’ve been making my own wine for over 10 years now, and my initial interest in...
  23. P

    WAMC Reapplicant 513 MCAT, 3.56 GPA

    Hello, I am planning to reapply for the 2020 Med school cycle. Last cycle I applied to 17 MD programs and I got one II that resulted in a waitlist then rejection. I am trying to make a better list of schools to apply to this year and would like advice on improving my chances for getting in. I...
  24. Mat the coolcat

    Guide for EM re-applicants?

    Hi all, I didn't match into emergency medicine last week, and I'm searching for a guide for re-applying if anyone has one; I'm a DO student who's definitely still set on re-applying EM for next year. My mentor/advisor and I are still kind of at a loss for why I didn't match; I wasn't even on...
  25. N

    Reapplying.. Tips to Improve App

    Hi all! I applied this current cycle (2018-2019) and had no luck, and only one interview. My pre-med advisor has no advice for me and suggested I just try again in the upcoming cycle, but that seems useless to me if nothing in my app changes. I am hoping someone could help me identify my biggest...
  26. T


  27. avocadoc

    Non-trad reapplicant, should I wait another year?

    I applied this 2018-2019 cycle to 10 schools (as an international due to my PR status pending at the time) and received only 1 interview (still waiting to hear back). All the other schools are pre-II rejections so far. Residency: CA (just received my permanent resident card last week)...
  28. B

    Reapplicant: Please tell me how I can improve my App for the upcoming cycle

    Hi there, I'm new to SDN, but have been following these threads for quite a while. I applied for the 2018-2019 cycle with a 3.62 and a 511 from a UC. Here is my school list: Rejected Boston University USC University of Washington — University of Arizona Phoenix University of Pittsburg...
  29. K

    Research: Does Clinical vs. Bench matter?

    So I'm currently doing my masters and have the opportunity to do some research this summer. There are two programs that I'm interested in. One is a clinical / rural & community health research program working on Telemedicine and the other is bench research working with Pediatric Oncology. I'm...
  30. L

    Advice for Reapplicant please

    Hello everyone, I have applied this cycle and have been put on the waitlist for 5 different schools after interviewing. I thought I did well on my interviews and my stats are average 3.58 GPA and 20 AA/TS on the DAT. As of now, I'm not betting on an acceptance and plan to strengthen my...
  31. jordij94


  32. L

    Any Advice for Re-applicant?

    Hello, everyone. Thanks for stopping in. I applied 15+ MD schools in last cycle, and didn't receive any interview invitations. In this cycle, I applied 16 MD and 4 DO schools, and am still waiting for responses from most of the schools, with few rejections. My background includes: 140 hours -...
  33. PotatoBug


    Accepted! Closing this thread now.
  34. F

    Ready to Consider Reapplying MD/PhD, how to do it right?

    I'm at the point where I'm mentally preparing to apply next cycle. I applied to 22 schools all MD/PhD with the following stats: GPA/BCPM-GPA: 3.62/3.70 MCAT: 515 uGrad: Bioengineering and Nutritional Science double major from top ~15 university Masters: Biomedical Engineering Research: 5 years...
  35. D

    I am a dental re-applicant and I am worried...

    Thank you.
  36. F

    Ready to Consider Reapplying MD/PhD, how to do it right?

    I'm at the point where I'm mentally preparing to apply next cycle. I applied to 22 schools all MD/PhD with the following stats: GPA/BCPM-GPA: 3.62/3.70 MCAT: 515 uGrad: Bioengineering and Nutritional Science double major from top 15 university Masters: Biomedical Engineering Research: 5 years...
  37. D

    Please help- reapply or withdraw?

    Hi all, welcome to my first thread/post. I'm currently applying, but due to some family/life situations I had going on in the summer, my apps went out Sep-Oct. I've been lucky to get one II from a reach, but I was wondering, would it be best to withdraw from the other schools I haven't heard...
  38. C

    Re-Applicant No Interviews

    I am a re-applicant and am starting to stress because I have no interviews. I was wondering if anyone is or has been in this situation and could tell me about their experience. Also, any advice on things I can do would be greatly appreciated. I applied to 20 medical schools last cycle and...