Reapplication advice for second gap year

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Aug 6, 2018
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I have gotten a lot of good feedback from successful reapplicants in the OHSU thread, but more could always help

I applied this cycle and got waitlisted (at a really high spot) at my state school, OHSU. I am waiting for a feedback session with them. Until that point, I am looking to see where I can significantly improve my chances for MD admissions from those who had success their second (or beyond) time applying. Below is a snapshot of my app:

ORM, Oregon resident. Underserved health-focused application. Born/ raised and live in a rural, underserved area currently

MCAT 511 128/129/127/127 (Retake from 507)

GPA 3.41 cumulative w/ U trend. 3.65 -> 2.72 ->3.6 -> 3.56

2400 hours of independent research. Resulted in 1 non-first name paper, multiple posters.

2100 hours as a paid intern for medical directors. Worked with Oregon Health Plan, public health, Medicare and Medicaid.

200 hours of scribing for a family practice clinic. Did this part-time while a provider recovered from surgery and couldn't type, hence the low hours.

20ish hours shadowing a family practice physician.

140 hours as BlueZones project coordinator (healthy food and lifestyle initiative)

Since I applied I have about 1500 hours as an MA in an urgent care clinic. I updated OHSU about this prior to the interview but it was never discussed and I doubt they considered it.

At the same clinic, I have been the point person for covid-19 swabbing. probably swabbed 400+ people in my community.

Eagle Scout

Vice president of fraternity, philanthropy, and recruitment chair

200 hours running a leadership camp the summer of my freshman year of college (part of the Boy Scouts)

I got an interview at OHSU, my in-state school, and got waitlisted at a high spot. I am working on reapplying to MD and DO, but I am planning on taking another gap year to further improve my shot. If I applied now, the only real update on my app, besides improved essays and multiple life events I am looking forward to writing about, would be my increased clinical experience. When I apply next I plan on applying MD and DO and will take my acceptance regardless because I wanna be a doctor, but I would prefer to take time to improve my MD (particularly OHSU) chances.

My current plans are to focus this next year on leadership in service. I will continue to work at my MA position because I really enjoy the clinical aspect and my patient population (underserved, my hometown), but also focus on doing things for the community. I mostly have a passion for food and want to coordinate food drives for the Oregon Food Bank. I have also been eyeing Americorps Vista positions to see if any fall in my area.

I also have had the thought to enroll in some classes to show I can still excel academically, and I think it would be nice to get back in the classroom (or Zoom meeting lobby lol). I was thinking of A & P and/ or public health classes. I don't have the funds to do a full-fledged DIY post-bacc, and honestly think my time is better spent continuing my clinical job, but I can certainly swing a few classes next fall and winter.

I would love any feedback, especially if taking another gap year is advisable, the value of taking other classes (of course the plan is to make A's), and what types of experiences to focus on.