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    got this forwarded via email and thought I'd share. hahahaha.

    best place to go if you...

    hate vegetables except corn - Iowa
    want a four course breakfast every Friday - Emory
    are allergic to the sun - University of Washington
    went "to school in Boston" - USC/Doheny
    have been on "Pimp my ride" - UCLA/Jules Stein
    have hair that does well in humidity - Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
    are pathologically nice - Washington University in St. Louis
    would like to experience a GSW to the orbit - Hopkins/Wilmer
    were prom queen/king - Wills
    want to find a significant other - UCSF
    like to wear bowties - UIC/Illinois Eye and Ear
    are a guy from the midwest or south - California Pacific Medical Center
    don't want to work on your birthday - Michigan/Kellogg

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