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Reccomedations during gap years?


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Sep 19, 2015
  1. Medical Student
    What did you do in your time off or what do you recommend? I am graduating this next year and plan to take the mcat the summer after graduation. This gives me at least two years until I can potentially start medical school and a year before I can apply. I am in no debt, have a decent gpa and science gpa (3.9 Ovr, 3.8 Sci), Bio major in honoribus (undergrad research thesis) with chem and psych minors, have shadowed a significant amount of doctors and plan to do more when finished, worked multiple college jobs in college, tutored, done a few research jobs, few club things, intramurals, etc. You guys know the premed drill :) Any reccomendations to do in that time off? I need some more medical work, was thinking get an EMT or paramedic and be a CNA while taking those classes. I love science, history and was debating on doing either adding a chemistry major (only a few classes away) or history major (quite a few classes away) or just taking a year of interesting classes while working as a CNA or phlebotomist. I am a bit tired of science and Think I need some more diversity. I love school and can easily pay for another year but with my stats would it be better to take like humanities or a foreign language? Other potential options? Study abroad programs? Is keeping your mind in a school mindset important?
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    May 16, 2017
    1. Medical Student (Accepted)
      Thanks but I am not sure where to start. What would you suggest for clinical volunteering?

      Look up hospital volunteer departments, but try to find volunteer roles that are more "patient intensive" instead of being a greeter at the front of a hospital or something.

      Maybe free clinics that do stuff with underserved patients, homeless, HIV/AIDS, needle collection (I think this would be clinical?) or other volunteering where you interact with patients, doesn't always have to be in a hospital

      Also look into hospice volunteering. I did hospital volunteering for 3 semesters and am currently doing hospice volunteering now and its much much more fulfilling.
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