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Good times, for a change.
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Sep 1, 2004
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So im applying for 2007 (ie now) and have 5 LOR's..
3 are from Science professors in my postbac
1 is from a Lab instructor in my postbac
and the last is from the dentist i shadowed

My premed office has a blanket suggestion to all Postbac to get a recommendation from a professor in your undergraduate school..
and for those who did their undergrad too long ago to even remember a professor, they suggest you get one from the dean of your undergrad school saying you were a student in good standing or something of that nature.

have any other postbac students out there been told similar?

I think im fine with my LOR's.. what do you guys think?


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May 27, 2006
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My science undergrad was 6.5 years ago before I changed my major, so I got a prof from my undergrad school from a psychology professor (my new major) and 2 recent science profs at a different school. My Health Professions advisor (University of Texas) didn't even seem to think it was necessary to get someone from my undergrad school (A&M), but I thought it was important to represent that part of my life. I also have 2 letters from dentists (my boss and someone with pull at a school). The prof from my undergrad didn't think twice about writing a letter since I took several of his classes and my grades were good. He wanted everything to prove my worth (transcripts, resume, biography, etc) since he didn't remember me, but he wrote me an excellent letter. I'm glad I asked because I was very skeptical in the beginning.


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Jan 17, 2006
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I graduated undergrad in 97 and then went back to take post-bacc pre-req's over the last to 2 years. All my LOR's were from my post bacc - Organic Chem II, Bio, Physics II, English, and a dentist.

I applied to 8 schools, got 5 interviews, accepted to 2, waitlisted at 1, and withdrew before the other 2 interviews.

With five good letters I wouldn't worry about getting anymore. Good luck.
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