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Feb 27, 2024
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Hello everyone. This is my first post and time applying to dental school so please bear with me.

I have 3 letters of recommendation so far. 1 from my BIO professor (BIO department director). 1 from my ORGO 2 professor. 1 from dentist I shadowed. For the 4th, I could get one from my job or from my volunteer coordinator. Which one would be better? They both would be strong letters. Additionally, what are some things that they could talk about? Please give some ideas.

Job: I have been working at a restaurant for over 6 years. Started as a part time cashier/server and now am a full time manager.

Volunteer: I cut hair for men who are homeless and financially struggling to afford a haircut at a charity. Started around 2018. Have over 500 and counting hours. The men come from a diverse community and background.

So what do you think?

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Welcome to the forums.

Obviously it completely depends on what you want to focus on in your application. Without any insight into your application, whichever experience you feel is more insightful about your work with clients/patients helps. Obviously the volunteer supervisor can discuss your service orientation. And you at least know how to manage a chair. :) That said, managing multiple tables as a server can be relevant.

You can give them the AAMC guide for writing letters of evaluation. If you have a chance to get a committee/institutional letter, see if both letters can be included.
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Hm, tough call. Both sound great. I'd go with whoever will write the more personable letter and can speak honestly and openly on your abilities of becoming a dentist and what you bring to the table.

I'd also say whatever you're more passionate about. If you feel the volunteering is something you align with strongly, having a good letter written and you talking about it in an interview would certainly help. Likewise for your job.
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