Recommended RFA setup?

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Oct 23, 2019
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I have an old Stryker Multigen RF generator (the original version) that's dying. I inherited the machine from the previous setup and really hate the interface lag / non-responsiveness. Wondering what is the recommended vendor/RFA setup now? I'm in private practice (paying for this machine) so expense is definitely one of my priorities (no cool RF since it's so costly for supplies). What do you guys use and do you like your setup?

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All the companies can bring you their machine and disposables to trial. Ask about rebates or any other deals.
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If you do enough stim with a company that also makes an RF machine (Medtronic, Abbott, or Boston) they’ll often give you a machine.

What's the "enough" cut off that you've seen to get an RF machine for free? I'm building out a practice so can't be sure how much stim volume I'm going to have.
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