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Jun 22, 2013
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Looking for any tips or advice from anyone who has used the TPR materials or took the course.

I have all of the TPR books (bio, chem, orgo, physics, verbal content review books, in class compendium, verbal hyperlearning workbook, science hyperlearning workbook) and I also have the EK 101 verbal book. I'll be using these along with about 7 full length practice exams, starting around January 1 to take the MCAT in May.

Does anyone know a recommended schedule to use these materials or have one that worked well for you? All the books are the 2010-2012 range if that makes any difference.


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May 22, 2013
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I have the same materials. The huge box they send us haha

I review a 2-3 chapters per day. Pure reading, digesting, and highlighting. Mix them (1 from bio, 1 physics, etc). Do the drills at the end to see if you know your stuff. Personally, anything less than a 5/7 and I am not super comfortable yet.

After this, I top it with 1-2 verbal passages. You can never have enough verbal. These come from chapter drills and the supplemental book they have us.

Then, I go over hormones for bio. Repeat them over and over. Maybe paint your bedroom walls with their names, whatever works for you.

After all this, if I have any muster left in myself, I watch some YouTube videos on physics topics. Personally, my weakest section so you could utilize this time as needed.

Your MCAT isn't until May so I would hold off on practice tests until 1-2 months out.

This is generally my schedule for this break but with practice tests every 3 days.