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Jul 16, 2018
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Hi everyone! Just a pre-dental hygiene student in need of some guidance before applying for the DH program :)

I'm retaking A&P2 for the first time this summer (called the DH clinic at my college campus and was told we can retake a prereq course once only) and it's my last science course as well. I didn't do so well in that course last fall semester ( with a D) since I was taking microbiology (passed with a B) and another course at the same time ( it was difficult...). This summer course is only for 18 days (4days a week july-august). The question I have is that since this is my last science course requirement to apply for the program( in Jan 2021) at my community college, would it be possible to obtain a reference form from either my lecture or lab professor during the last week of the course? I was never close to any of my other 3 science course professors (I've always been the shy quiet student since elementary school...) so this is my last chance to ask a science prof to fill a reference form. I'm really worried though because my college made a post on the homepage that july and august summer courses may be conducted both online and in-person (only for coursework that can't be done online) due to the pandemic.