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Mar 6, 2009
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Hey, Am applying for MSc in Edinburg.. They are asking to submit 2 reference letter(Academic and Non academic )..
I done my bachelors in medicine outside UK...

1)can i use my recommendation letter that i got from my professors during my Internship for the academic reference letter ?

2)Could anyone explain me what's the difference between academic and non academic reference letter ?

3)Can i get non academic letter from my batch mate or someone ?

4)Does they actually contact the referee ?
May 2, 2011
I didn't apply to Edinburgh but I can try to answer your questions based on my experiences.

1) You would have to check with them. I applied to medicine and they required an academic letter. I provided a letter from the PI who oversaw my undergrad research project. 3/4 schools accepted it while 1 school said it wasn't a professor who could judge me academically.

2) Academic letters come from someone who has marked you and would be a good judge of your abilities as a student. Non-academic letters can come from volunteer co-ordinators, coaches, basically anyone with leadership who has a view on your extracurricular interests.

3) I don't know what a batch mate is but it doesn't sound too professional. Your non-academic letter should still highlight your best qualities and interests, in a professional format.

4) Sometimes. Depends on the school. They have every right to, so be prepared.
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