Reference text for non podiatry residents

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Dec 12, 2022
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Hi, hoping to get some insight. I have family medicine residents rotating with me for about 2 weeks in the office at a time. Their experience with foot and ankle pathology is quite limited. Do you guys have a quick reference in mind that I can give them to be better prepared for the rotation? Its mostly an office based rotation.
I was thinking pocket pod but it might be a little too detailed.

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Orthobullet is probably the easiest and quickest reference. It's free and they can have it on their phone.
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It’s their off service. Let them chill, most things in office are pretty self explanatory anyways
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Older, but still relevant. $7 on Amazon.

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I have the internal/family medicine residents attend the our x-ray conferences, and then spend half-day in clinic only. They can get the afternoon off to study for their boards.
It gets old to see another ingrown nail procedure or pulling the K-wire out of the foot. After the initial "wow" they all just want to go home.
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It’s their off service. Let them chill, most things in office are pretty self explanatory anyways
Yep, exactly.
The FP treat podiatry in the same way podiatry residents treat path or Endo or derm 2wk rotations.

Teach them high-yield F&A stuff like PF injects, ingrown proced, verruca, PT for ankle sprains, bunion or flat foot on XR... then let them leave early and relax or take some days off and go "study." If they see themselves using the pod skills or want to learn more foot/nail procedures to make $ when they're out in practice, they can stay or they'll ask.

They could read FootHealthFacts (ACFAS bullets of tx/info for common conditions) website or OrthoBullets if they want to. I def wouldn't make them buy anything.
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I have FP residents with me every year as part of their curricular (technically one of their “surgery” rotations). I have found going over quick first line therapies for hammertoes, midfoot OA, plantar fasciitis, and metatarsophalangeal joint pain are the basics they need. They get the “by the way my foot hurts” as they are heading out the door and need a few tricks to get them quickly on to the next patient. They are also in podiatry clinic not to necessarily master ingrowns or foot injections. In my experience they use the rotation to become comfortable giving injections and doing procedures in general as they can be infrequent in some FP residency clinics (obviously not true in all cases). A book can be beneficial, but honestly they have continuity clinics and their inbox to keep on top of between podiatry clinic and likely won’t have time to read.