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Does anyone know if there's a disadvantage to having a regional interview, as far as the impression you give adcoms by choosing a regional over actually going to the school? I mean will they think you're not as interested in the school if you choose a regional and think you're not a serious applicant?

I know for Duke it's slightly advantageous to the applicant if they choose a regional interview (it says that on their website), but I was wondering about other schools. SLU in particular. I got my first interview invite from their yesterday and I'm debating about a regional.

I know you don't get the advantage of actually seeing the school, but if I was accepted and was seriously considering the school then I would definitely go visit it. But I'm trying to cut down on some costs, so if it doesn't hurt my chances of being accepted, then I'd choose a regional. Applying to 20 schools is pretty pricey.

Any advice/opinions are appreciated. Thanks!

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Sep 4, 2002
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I think that if a school offers a regional interview, they probably don't punish people for going to one. Schools that think you should come to campus to be accepted don't offer regional interviews.

Unless you happen to be passing by SLU some tuesday, I would think the regional interview would be fine.
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