Rehab Occupations Demand and Workload

Discussion in 'Physical Therapy' started by Haga, May 13, 2008.

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    This Post is for anyone that is in SLP, PT, OT, not so much AuD, because hearing techs under cut their job market.

    But, reading on various forums, and looking at CNN Money Magazine, Rehab Science Occupations are expected to ~1.5 to double over the next 5 years. For example:

    PT Job Growth: ~150,000 to ~210,000

    OT: ~90,000 to ~120,000

    SLP: ~90,000 to ~110,000

    What I have read on various forums is that many Rehabilitational Professionals
    are stuggling with large case loads and long hours. Many believe that the pay does not match the demand of their job. SLP, PT, and OT's average around $50,000/year. (Not to par, when you think about the significants of the work and the ~6 to 7 years of education that you have endured)

    If our occupations are expected significantly increase in the next 5 years, this would mean larger workloads. (at the current graduation rate of students)

    Do you guys think that something will be done to help Rehab professionals manage how many patients they see a day, or do you think the pay will increase as the demands increase. Because, I commonly see many people say, underpaid and overworked. How do you guys feel about this? How much do you think the work is worth?

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