Jan 4, 2021
New to SDN and decided to slide over here from r/premed.

To keep it brief, I started off as pre-med and due to some life disasters (serious concussion, mental health crisis of friend), I failed OChem. This was sophomore year of college. Stopped taking premed classes soon after and decided that I would like to get back to it, but I'm currently enrolled in a non-science PhD. With a formal, I'd be done faster which I'd like (I'm 24 right now). Unclear what my next steps would be and if I should do a DIY, Formal, or DIY + SMP.

Some stats:
Undergrad @ an Ivy
Grad @ UCLA
uGPA: 3.1 (could get up to a 3.34 with post-bacc classes)
gGPA: 3.95
sciGPA: something absymal ~2.0 with only 4 classes (could get up to a 3.44 with post-bacc classes and retakes)
Research: 500 hours no pub
Shadowing: 20 hours
Volunteer: 250+
URM: Yes, AA woman


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Mar 30, 2014
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Either a formal or informal postbac program would make sense but an SMP is not warranted at this time. You’ll need to figure out what is most important to you in deciding between the two: cost, timing, availability of classes, additional resources, advising, etc. Formal programs offer more support but come at a significant premium. More important than where you go is how you do - as you pointed out your UG grades are lower than the mean for accepted med school applicants. fortunately, your postbac GPA will be listed separately so an improvement during your postbac will stand out more than any increase in your cGPA/sGPA. Doing well will help raise your numbers and alleviate any concerns an admissions committee may have about your ability to handle the rigors of medical school.

Search the forum for Goro’s guide for reinvention, it covers a lot of info for folks in a similar position.
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