Religion and pharmacy school...

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Mar 14, 2006
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I was in more or less the same situation as you when I applied. I ended up searching around on the internet to find what values are particuarlly important the Jesuits. I can't remember exactly what I found, but as I recall they were things that were'nt very hard to relate the professional values of pharmacy. Google is your friend.
Thanks for posting. Up untill last week I had no idea what a Jesuit was. I was planning on searching google to find some info. I honestly dont care what the religion is....I will be a deciple of Satan for three or four years if I get a PharmD at the end.
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I thought about applying to Creighton, but I decided against it because of the religion thing. I was brought up Christian (Lutheran) and do have a religious side, however I feared that my pharmacy education would be biased. I believe that it is not my place as a pharmacist to be pushing my beliefs on my patients, and I felt that my education would be missing information on, for example, emergency contraception, because that particular religion doesn't believe it should be dispensed (speaking generally, not specifically about Jesuit), so they don't teach you the necessary information. I just want my education and my position as a pharmacist to be to serve my patients in getting them what they need, no matter what my moral beliefs about that particular drug may be.
Thanks for posting. Up untill last week I had no idea what a Jesuit was. I was planning on searching google to find some info. I honestly dont care what the religion is....I will be a deciple of Satan for three or four years if I get a PharmD at the end.

I highly recommend mentioning this at the Creighton Interview. They will love it.:smuggrin:
I did my undergrad at a Jesuit college. It really doesn't mean anything. The way they explained it to me were that they were the scholars of the church. Didn't really do anything with religion except I had to take religion classes.
I am applying for the program at Creighton University and I know this university is a Jesiut program. I am working on my personal statement for the supplemental application and one of the parts to discuss is "Your desire to engage in a Jesuit pharmacy education at Creighton University and how you will use a Jesuit education in your pharmacy practice."

I really don't even know where to begin with this. I am not religious at all and I am not applying to this school because of the beliefs... I am applying because of my desire to be a pharmacist.

I have answered all the other questions and statements they want answered but I can't figure out what to write for this section.

If anyone has any ideas, that would be great. I am not asking for someone to write my app but I was just hoping some other people may be in the same situation as me or was and has a suggestion about this. I don't want to lie on my app, but I don't want to make it seem as if religion doesn't matter and I am ignorant about it. My parents never pushed a religion on me and so I never practiced anything.


You might acknowledge your own belief system & lack of knowledge of others, including Jesuits first. Then, merge into hoping to not only develop an understanding of how the Catholic beliefs influence medical choices of its followers, but also use the Jesuit scholarly approach someone else pointed to learn about how other religious beliefs could impact an individuals desire to take a medication or not.

By understanding a patient's inherent belief system, whether based on religion, ethnicity, culture, economic can understand some of their anxieties or their willingness to go along with & comprehend our complicated healthcare system of which pharmacy is a significant part.

In choosing might also have an opportunity to learn about not just pharmacy, but pharmacy within the greater concept of what motivates human choices.

Does that help? Good luck!
hi blue88,

When I was working on my essay I focused on how many of the Jesuit values mirrored those of my own and I related this to some of my past experiences and activities that I have involved myself in. I didn't try to pretend to be something that I wasn't but I honestly could relate to and appreciate the Jesuit values and I framed my essay that way. When I met my classmates at orientation a few weeks ago I realized that we all came from different backgrounds with different religious experiences and belief systems. During the orientation week we did learn about the Jesuit principles which I truly appreciated. I just felt that it was important for me to gain a better understanding of the beliefs and values upon which my school was founded (I definitely learned a lot). I did not feel like there was any bias against those of differing beliefs and I don't get the sense that anyone with a different religious belief system will be negatively impacted if they enrolled in the program. Like patmcd mentioned, many of the Jesuit values can be related to the values of the pharmacy profession and that I feel are important for pharmacists or any healthcare provider to possess.

Good luck with your essay!
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